Q: The compatiblity statement mentions only one motorola device. will these   cables work with morotola droid turbo?
A: It should it comes with a micro connection a C type and a I-phone if your    Motorola has one of them 3 types it will work
Q: Can I order 4 of the 1' cables?
A: Sorry, but I'm afraid not.
Q: Is it possible to shut off the light? Or get a less bright one then the blue? 
A: Sorry, it can't shut off the light. But this suggestion will be taken into account in subsequent product upgrades.
Q: Will this work with a case on?
A: Yes, it can work with a case on.
Q: If i buy a differnt cable in the future will these adaptors work for that cable?
A: Yes,if the cables are the same generations